Sifu Steve is an exceptional Martial Artist & teacher, not to mention an all-around great person. I really recommend training here!

Sifu Collin Lieberman

Centerline Fitness & Martial Arts

I first met Sifu Stephen Bugler in 2004, at the New England Martial Arts Camp in Rhode Island and since that time I have known him to not only be a talented martial artist, who is always striving to be better but also as a wonderful human being. Therein lies what a true martial artist should be and Sifu Stephen lives it.

Sabumnim Chris LaCava

LaCava’s Martial Arts

I made Steve Bugler a Sifu in the year 2005. I had known him for a great many years before I awarded him the title. He is only one of two people in 13 years of JKD instruction to earn it from me. You should all be proud to be his students. I am proud to be his teacher.

Sifu Raffi Derderian

Derderian Academy of Martial Arts

I can honestly say that joining the Albany JKD* family was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Hour by hour, week by week I had begun to notice tremendous personal growth. This growth included not only strength and flexibility but also in overall confidence level and the way I carried myself.

Steve is a tremendous instructor who has respect for the art and respect for his students (which fosters that family atmosphere mentioned above). Albany JKD* gives personalized instruction, pushing each student past their potential physically and mentally while always maintaining the underlining respect for each other and martial arts. I recommend Albany JKD* to anyone who would like to unlock their potential.

Tim H.

*former school name

Training with Sifu Stephen is different because there’s low drama! I’ve heard of other schools being insulted if you train somewhere else like a cult or something, AMFA* once you get to a certain level does not discourage outside training at all. When you know your approach is good, you are not threatened by other schools. Also the full range of distances is covered,

Training with Sifu Stephen is very comprehensive. You will be comfortable on the ground and at all striking distances.

My life improved outside of class also. For instance, I gained practical “street ready” confidence, and motivation to get in, and stay in shape.

Jeff Schoonover


*Former School

JKD is Adaptive to individuals and allows for creativity. Kali training provides higher coordination and is a very complete art.

Training in JKD and Kali gives one an adaptive mindset more so than other arts. It can also serve as an anti-depressant.

Training with AFMA* is beneficial because of their very rich curriculum. They give generous & individualized instruction and there’s an awesome sense of community.

My life improved outside of class also. For instance, it added a sense of respect for self and others; as well as provided an opportunity for me to contribute.

Sifu Louis Hernandez

*Former School name

JKD and Kali Change the way I think about different parts of life and myself.

AFMA* has the best people to learn and grow with, and share martial arts love with.

No question – AFMA* is different from other schools because of the people and the material is so well proposed.

My life improved outside of class also. For instance, I find I have more patience and feel more confident in general. Also makes me want to be healthier and make healthier choices.

Kyle Unser

*Former School

I’ve never trained with a group that is so tough and focused, yet equally kind and encouraging. At first glance, it’s easy to think this martial arts system is complex and intimidating.  But once you begin to understand its core principles, you’ll see that it is actually the most simple, effective, and adaptable system out there.  

Sifu Steve is a tough, talented teacher who won’t let you slack off for even a minute, but also one of the kindest souls I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. The training can be tough at times, but it is extremely focused, and nothing is taught without purpose.  This school is the real deal.

Not only am I in better physical shape from this training, I’ve found that my way of thinking has become more flexible and adaptive as well.  Problem solving and creative thinking are skills that you don’t typically think about when preparing to train in martial arts, but you’ll come to find that you use them just as much as your hands and feet in these classes.  

Brian Supple


Sifu Steve is an awesome martial arts instructor. His knowledge base is very deep so you will not get bored. I trained with him for two years and I feel like I only scratched the surface of what he has to offer.

I went to Sifu Steve because I wanted to improve my hand fighting ability on the football field. At the wide receiver position, if you want to beat press coverage consistently, you need to know how to win leverage. JKD and Kali were instrumental in my learning how to beat any man I lined up against.

What used to be a challenge for me is much less so now.

I also feel like I gained a lot of control over my emotions. Martial arts demand that you remain calm under pressure and I feel like I am much more balanced than I was prior to working with Sifu Steve.

I have seen improved confidence, better emotional balance, improved my skills on the football field, and gained a lot of valuable knowledge about the body which I use with my personal training clients.

I can’t thank him enough for all he did for me. Give Sifu Steve a little bit of your time and be consistent in your training, and you will reap the rewards.

Ben Brickman

Division 1 Wide Receiver, Syracuse University
Personal Trainer and owner of Worksite Fitness

I have certainly benefitted from JKD! I started off too shy to say a word, even to admit I didn’t know the right way to make a fist. My confidence rose with my experience, and as everyone knows that spreads to all aspects of your life. JKD isn’t about feeling dangerous or tough, it’s about believing that you’re worth being heard and seen and knowing that no one can stop you from doing it.