Stephen Bugler

Certified Senior Full Instructor in Jeet Kune Do
Associate Instructor in Kali

Nearly 30 years of Martial Arts training!

Stephen started his training in 1995 as a college student. In 1999, he met Sifu Raffi Derderian and continued to train, attending many seminars along the way in various forms of martial arts. In 2005 he earned the rank of Black Sash and his title as Sifu.

Since 2005 he ran a school in Albany, NY [Albany Fusion Martial Arts] changing the lives of hundreds of students.

He maintains a continual quest for self improvement as well as the betterment of others. Stephen sees everyone as family and seeks their best. He teaches with a focus on excellence in the Art, and creates a sense of community in the class. In addition to being a Martial Artist, Stephen has been a Christian Minister with his wife for decades, which gives him a unique relational approach to teaching. He cares about people holistically, rather than only focusing on the Martial Arts. While it is not the focus of his Martial Art classes, Sifu Stephen is available for Spiritual guidance and teaching as well.

Left to right: Sifu Raffi Derderian, Sifu Stephen Bugler, Guru Dan Inosanto, Sifu Kevin Seaman

Sifu Stephen has trained with instructors including, Guru Dan Inosanto, Sifu Kevin Seaman, Sifu Raffi Derderian, Sifu Tacky Kimura, Sifu Tim Tacket, Ajarn Chai Sirsute, Sifu Francis Fong, Sensei Erik Paulson, The Late Sifu Larry Hartsell, Sifu Jerry Poteet, Carlson Gracie Jr., Sensei Gokor Chivichian, Coach Jeff Burger, Sifu Steven Watson, Sabumnim Chris LaCava, UFC Fighter Joe Lauzon, Guro Nick Sacalous, Sifu Randy Siordia, Grandmaster John Pelegrini, Hock Hockheim and many others.

He has taught Military, various Law Enforcement officers, Security Officers, EMT’s and other professionals whose life depends on defending themselves.

Stephen was the Head Coach for the UAlbany MMA Club and has taught, seminars and private lessons in JKD, Kali, and self-defense. In addition, he has worked with Division-1 Football players and other athletes to improve their game on the field.

When he is not teaching Martial Arts or involved in his faith community, Stephen spends time with his family, enjoy’s many outdoor sports [mountain biking, skiing, hunting, hiking, camping, swimming, etc.] prepping, reading and learning about all aspects of life.