More than Five Ways Jeet Kune Do will Augment Any Other Martial Art Training!

Many people who train in any form of fighting tend to think their art is the best. They might be partially correct, but they are missing a lot if they haven’t cross-trained. Sadly,  hubris has kept them from finding an Art that is capable of fighting in every range!  Jeet Kune Do is the answer and will boost the effectiveness of virtually any other art!

The problem with only training in one art is that each of these styles are partially limited in their ability to defend themselves in ranges they don’t focus on. Bruce Lee understood this and realized a hybrid of the best techniques from each art put together, would be virtually unstoppable.

Jeet Kune Do [JKD] was created by Bruce Lee and is an extremely well-rounded concept-based art that covers every range of combat and is a blend of the best techniques taken from hundreds of martial arts!

Think about that statement for a moment! That alone makes JKD far more valuable to know and train than many other arts combined.

There are 5 ranges of combat covered in JKD: Weapons, kicking, punching, trapping and grappling. Most Martial Arts have a single focus, with a few extra techniques at other ranges thrown in for good measure. For instance, Tae Kwon Do is known for dynamic high kicks, Judo is known for throws, BJJ is known for ground fighting, Boxing for Punches, and Muay Thai stands out for low kicks, knees and elbows.

Training in Jeet Kune Do boosts your training in any other martial art and improves your ability to learn new arts faster! It will dynamically improve your skills and opens you to new possibilities that other arts do not focus on. It will also make you better at any other art you train in already!

Here are five reasons why Jeet Kune Do is essential to know for your training in other martial arts:

1] JKD AUGMENTS OTHER ARTS: Because it is concept-based the concepts augment other sports and Martial Arts styles!

JKD has such a wide variety of elements that are a common thread to use and application in Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, MMA, Karate, Boxing, etc.  In my opinion JKD is one of the BEST cross-training tools for both Jiu-Jitsu and Stand Up Striking! In essence, Jeet Kune Do will make you much better on the MAT! Furthermore, I have seen many cases, where the same concepts I teach in JKD are used in Soccer, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Rugby and Lacrosse just to name a few!  In fact, I’ve had multiple D-1 College Football players tell me our training has revolutionized their game and made them untouchable and unstoppable on the field!

2] JKD FOOTWORK IS SUPERIOR: JKD footwork was designed by Bruce Lee to be both simple and effective. From what I’ve seen in 28 years in the Martial Arts I believe it may be the best out there. I’ve even seen it copied and adopted by other martial arts teachers and MMA coaches.  Apply it to your Muay Thai, Boxing or MMA and you have an incredible combination for stand up. The angling and setups break your opponent’s position down making their techniques ineffective, while setting yourself up for a direct and powerful offense. JKD both weakens your opponent and helps you at the same time!


3] HEIGHTENED ADAPTABILITY: JKD teaches a person to be good on their feet, on the ground and with weapons such as sticks and knives. The idea is to be good at each range and to be able to defend yourself against attacks of many different kinds from many different angles. By the time a person has achieved higher ranks in the art they should be able to flow in between each range fluidly as the situation dictates. I have never seen a fighting style that does this as well as JKD.

Practitioners are encouraged to add their own thought and unique approach to situations after learning the basics. Because of this approach there are always new thoughts being generated and a freshness to thinking through best practices and strategies. The art and practice of it are constantly updating like software or an operating system on your computer/phone.

The ingenuity and flexibility of the art to be both hard, soft, or flexible at any given moment is unique and rare. The advantage this gives is being relatively comfortable and ready to respond at every range and with a variety of simple solutions to complex situations.

4] ELEVATED SENSITIVITY TO OPPONENTS ENERGY: We teach an extensive list of hand immobilization [trapping] and sensitivity drills in our vast ten-level curriculum! The hand sensitivity training and hand immobilization techniques will give you a huge edge:

  • gaining that grip when a person’s arm is difficult to grasp,
  • trapping their grabbing hand and
  • responding to any invasive grabbing your opponent will try to control you with!

Developing quick response time to pressure and responding intuitively is a HUGE quality to possess in any art! If you’ve rolled in grappling class, you have felt this in your opponent. Also having excellent “Hand Play” is due to cultivation through JKD.

5] EFFICIENCY: Bruce Lee stipulated the criteria for techniques chosen to be part of JKD to be “Simple, Direct and Efficient.” In a conflict situation or in competition you don’t have time for complex and nuanced techniques. When your adrenaline is pumping you automatically switch to gross motor movements.  Especially if weapons are involved, you need the K.I.S.S. [Keep It Simple Silly] method!  Your life may depend on it.

However, if you are fumbling around trying to hit a pressure point that’s hard to find, you’re likely going to miss and be in a more compromised position than you were previously!  In essence you could be injured badly or killed trying certain techniques that aren’t useful for self-defense.

BONUS: EFFECTIVE SELF-DEFENSE: Everybody needs diversity in martial arts training for self-defense!  Disclaimer: I love all the Martial Arts I am about to talk about, however there are limitations to them all.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” traditional martial art out there. Many martial artists try to use the wrong tools to get the job done. It’s like chopping a tree down with a sledgehammer.  You might achieve it eventually, but it is highly inefficient, and you’ll likely get hurt in the process. But, that is just what many traditional martial arts try to do.

Many arts and teachers use what they know outside of the context it was originally intended for. For instance, Jiu Jitsu is great for the ground, but sometimes YOU don’t want to be and shouldn’t be on the ground!  What if the guy has a group of friends with him and you’re tied up on the ground? Or what if he has a knife and you’re grappling? You’re dead!

Or what if all you know is Muay Thai and you’re caught fighting on ice? The ground may do more damage to you than your attacker would!

Or what if all you know are Tae Kwon Do kicks, but you are in a confined hallway or the walkway of a boat?  Most of those kicks just became useless. Now what? You’ll be wishing you had some trapping and locking skills!

I talk about this in my blog post on Myths of Self-Defense.

Jeet Kune Do doesn’t focus on any one range and has techniques and answers for virtually every range and situation!

BONUS #2: BRAIN ELASTICITY:  Albert Einstein said that the true potential of human intelligence relied on its ability to change. Adopting a more flexible mindset helps you respond to everyday difficulties in a more effective way. The variability in JKD training forces our brains to function with elasticity where you will need to problem solve and manage stress that are somewhat unique. As you train and develop physical skills, the brain changes as well. With each new technique or skill acquired, you will notice a subtle change in thought processes and reasoning. The brain’s ability to adapt and maintain plasticity is critical to longevity as you age. The world will always be progressing and evolving. The only way to maintain a sense of ease and peace of mind is to progress and grow right along with it.

Learn how JKD can augment your martial arts and self-defense training in so many ways! Contact us to set up your free class and start your training today!

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