Welcome to Integrated Martial Arts!

Welcome to Integrated Martial Arts in Coeur d’Alene!

We care about your journey to self-defense, fitness and community and are here to help you get there!


I’m Steve, a Senior Full Instructor in Bruce Lee’s Martial Art, Jeet Kune Do and an Instructor in Filipino Martial Arts known as “Kali.”

Jeet Kune Do is a blend of techniques from many different martial arts, covering every range of combat.

Kali is the Stick and knife fighting arts from the Philippines and there are actually 12 ranges of combat in Kali alone!


Learning Martial arts in General is a great thing to do for so many reasons.

What we teach is especially practical for a wide range of uses.


For instance,

If you are interested in learning to self-defense,

If you are Military, Law Enforcement or Security, and you’re interested in learning a martial art that is truly practical for,

  • On the job use
  • gaining superior hand-eye coordination,
  • overcoming fear under duress,
  • gaining better situational awareness,
  • getting fit,
  • and building community of friends to encourage you along the way…

Come train with us!


Wherever you are in your martial arts journey…

Whether you are just starting out or have ten black belts in other arts, it’s never too late to start.


I know Synthesis has what you need to defend yourself and get in great shape while learning! 

I can’t wait to train with you!






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